Tablet problems

I got a mini heart attack today.
I got a new tablet somewhat recently. It’s an Ainol Novo 7 Venus. Today as I left work, I checked my e-mails on the tablet, it was working fine. As I got home the screen didn’t turn on, it remained dark. A little googling showed that others have seen the same problem. Which is nice, I only have to hard reset the tablet. The problem is that I couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet how to do that. So in case somebody else is looking for that too (or in the case I forget it):

To reset the Ainol Venus one must press the power and the volume up buttons together and hold them for a few seconds.

May it help to you too!

Beginning with the Raspberry

As I received my Raspberry Pi yesterday, today I started to play with it. I installed Raspbmc, but I constantly got

cannot reset port (-110)

error messages. And

ERROR::dwc_otg_hcd_urb_enqueue:477: Not connected

Google search mostly came up with people who had the same problem because they used some devices on the USB ports which the Pi couldn’t power up correctly, so they had to use a hub with its own power source.
Then I finally found a guy with my exact problem: bad USB cable.